The basics, the vocabulary, you will find here the sections to get you started.

  • Beginner

    First shot and how to freeze the action

    Steps to take a shot How to freeze the action P mode The video First picture You are now supposed to master or at least be fairly comfortable with autofocus and light metering and you have set up your camera…

  • Beginner

    Autofocus and light Metering

    When you start taking shots, before even going through the different parameters of your device such as aperture or speed, you need to master autofocus and metering. Autofocus Autofocus modes The autofocus zone Light metering Measuring modes Autofocus The autofocus…

  • Beginner

    Basic settings

    You discover your camera and a bunch of buttons whose action you ignore. The first thing to do is to read your user guide quickly to get an overall idea of ​​the available functions. We will see in outline how…