Bush Pixel, your journey begins now

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It feels like God visits everywhere else but lives in Africa.

Will Smith

I created Bush Pixel to share my experience in wildlife photography.


You are going on a safari soon, whether with family or on honeymoon and you want to take nice shots but you know nothing about it ? I guide you and I advise you in the choice of equipment according to your budget and quickly give you the basics to allow you to come back satisfied.


You are an amateur with a higher budget but you have never faced this environment, I let you browse the site which contains or refers you to more technical tips on the functioning of photography and the very specific conditions in which you will find yourself .


You certainly have more experience than me, do not hesitate to leave comments or contact me to improve or correct the content of the website.

If you think I forgot something or you have tips that can help you can contact me.

I am also looking for shots for the Gallery and videos for the Youtube channel, if you have a series of a few photos with the EXIFS and the geographical area please contact me.

Email: contact@bushpixel.com